President: Our duty is to build a strong army capable of holding the line against much larger armed forces of Russia

2018-08-23 11:37:00 | ID: 42945

President Petro Poroshenko stresses that Ukraine must build a strong army and secure the support of the international community in the fight against the Russian aggressor for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

“We have only one way and it is not an easy one. Our duty is to build a strong army capable of holding the line against much larger armed forces of Russia not only in the Donbas, but also along the entire border with Russia,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized during the solemn ceremony of hoisting the State Flag of Ukraine in Dnipro.

According to him, the second important task is to secure international support and “provide a sanction regime that knocks some sense into the aggressor and restrains it”. “This is what I expect from our partners — unity throughout the world and solidarity with Ukraine. On the one hand, this path turned out to be effective, on the other hand, and it is true — long and exhausting,” he added.

The Head of State stressed: “And we do not strive for anything more than peace. And nobody aspires to peace more than Ukrainians. I want to emphasize firmly that peace will definitely come to our land. Peace, not yielding up of sovereignty. Peace, not treason”.

Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that the unity of Ukrainians, capable Ukrainian army, which is getting stronger day by day, can secure peace. “And I am confident that we will definitely do this with the joint efforts of society and government responsible for the defense,” the President noted.

According to him, in the spring of 2014, a lot of people did not realize the real depth of the disaster that occurred before the war: “The Ukrainian army was destroyed, robbed and disarmed”.

“Many of us considered the situation as an insurgency of separatists in 2014. Yes, artificial one. There were no grounds for that. Yes, organized from Moscow. Yes, financed by Moscow. Yes, armed with Russian weapons... But an insurgency. And then it became clear that it is not an insurgency, it is another full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war,” the President said.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine had scraped up all the available resources rapidly: “In a few weeks, we liberated a huge part of the Donbas, dozens of towns, villages, millions of people from the militants. And it took place, because ATO was really close to the victorious final. In August, Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine with its regular troops. And this has radically changed the military-strategic situation... All our plans regarding the resources, time and intensity of the operation were destroyed”.

According to him, missiles, artillery, tanks and aircrafts are important for our army, but the Ukrainian flag also remains essential, as it unites us.

“A flag that leads us all to victory. Our duty and great responsibility to the dead, to the present and future generations is to make every effort to ensure that the blue-yellow flag is hoisted eternally over the whole Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko said.

Press Service of the President of Ukraine