3rd International Anticorruption Week concluded in National Defence University of Ukraine

2017-11-22 17:27:00 | ID: 35721

The three-day event brought together Members of Parliament of Ukraine, Ambassadors of European countries, experts from Ministries of Defence of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, NATO Building Integrity Program, National Security and Defence Council, National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, National Police of Ukraine, UK Defence Academy, Centre for Integrity and Defence Sector (CIDS), Ukrainian Office of Transparency International, StratCom Ukraine, etc.

Forum participants shared opinions regarding effectiveness of realization of the State Anticorruption Program within defence sector.

“This year forum is featured by joint work of foreign and Ukrainian experts in anticorruption activities. It is a great opportunity to adapt world and European experience to national environment”, First Deputy Commandant of National Defence University of Ukraine Lt. Gen. Viktor Tarasov.