Poland Concludes Successful Multinational Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017

2017-11-16 17:07:52 | ID: 35574

November 16, 2017 – Nowa Dęba / Polish Land Forces

Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 (EX MA17) successfully concluded this afternoon, November 16th, 2017, with a closing ceremony at the training area in Nowa Dęba, Poland. The computer-based exercise trained army headquarters staff from Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, supported by Canadian mentors. Presented with simulated-realistic operational problems, which culminated in a final attack, the participants applied command and control principles to peace support operations, humanitarian assistance and crisis response. MAPLE ARCH exercise series are conducted annually with the responsibility of hosting rotating yearly.


“Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 challenged staff officers of the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian armies in the conduct of Peace Enforcement Operations through a fast-paced and multi-faceted scenario. Mentored by the Canadian Army and commanded by the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command, this annual training event enabled participants to practice procedures and gain a better appreciation of each nations capabilities. I’m extremely proud of the great work done by each soldier and am confident that everyone is walking away with sharper skill-sets, which will benefit each nation in planning operations.”

Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander (Poland)

“The training scenario in Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 pushed staff officers to apply the military decision making process to enhance our partners’ and allies’ operational capability. The training was delivered in a methodical manner and we observed steady improvement in the application of the principles. As the exercise progressed the problems facing the participants grew in complexity, and needed the collective cooperation of each nation, which is the key to conducting successful operations.”

Colonel Dmytro Bratishko, Co-Exercise Director (Ukraine), EX MA17

“Congratulations to the participants of Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 for a job well done. This highly dynamic training event has expanded and reinforced each participating nations’ defence relations.  Training events such are this one promote our common values and interest, and contribute to international peace and security.”

Colonel Eligijus Senulis, Chief of Staff, LITHPOLUKRBRIG (Lithuanian)

“The Canadian Army is a long-standing participant in this highly dynamic and multinational training event. Canada was intimately involved in each stage of the planning and execution. As mentors our role was to bring to the table our experiences and guide in the military decision planning processes. Exercise MAPLE ARCH 2017 was extremely rewarding to each soldier, not only by being able to share and validate our own training, but also by acquiring new view points from the experiences of our colleagues. The military environment is constantly changing and through the exchange of ideas and collective problem-solving we become a better informed and a professionally competent army.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Hale, Canadian Contingent Commander, EX MA17

Quick Facts

  • EX MA17 saw the annual contribution of approximately 500 soldiers from the Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and Canadian armies working jointly in the planning and execution of a dynamic exercise scenario.
  • MARPLE ARCH exercises have taken place for 18 years, since 1999. Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with Canadian mentorship and support take turns hosting the training event in their respective nations. This year’s training event took place in Poland.
  • EX MA17 worked to further improve coalition interoperability amongst the contributing nations in order to promote understanding and cooperation between military forces.

EX MA17 was a key training mechanism for the continued development of the LITPOLUKR Brigade and its’ subordinate unit headquarters.