ATO Press Center about firefight near Krasnohorivka on July 20

2017-07-21 08:00:00 | ID: 32234

Yesterday, on July 20, the Ukrainian soldiers repelled the militants’ attack near Krasnohorivka. Unfortunately, three soldiers were killed and seven were wounded and one was captured.

An enemy’s group of 10 or 15 people assaulted a position of one mechanized battalion using 120 mm mortars and tank.Accordingto preliminarydata, at leastfourtanksshelled the position.

The Ukrainian soldiers opened return fire. Two militants were killed; they are allegedly from ‘Oplot’ battalion.

The unit commander took decision to move back to an intermediate position to minimize losses among his subordinates. During this maneuver two more terrorists were killed.

After arrival of Ukrainian refreshment, the enemy was forced to retreat under cover of tanks, mortars, and Grad.

When density of fire reduced, medical vehicles moved to evacuate wounded. Meanwhile, the enemy kept on shelling.

According to radar interception, the enemy lost four people. When the enemy was retreating, the Ukrainian soldiers recorded evacuation of two more killed militants. Others left weapons and other evidence of RF presence in Donbas on the battlefield and moved back.

Theunitcommanderwillrecommendsoldiersforstate awards.