President: Ukraine wants to return the issue of an action plan for NATO membership to the agenda

2017-07-17 15:00:00 | ID: 32125

President Petro Poroshenko considers the role of the Ukraine-USA command-and-control training with the involvement of the Sea Breeze troops symbolic and important in the strategic partnership between Ukraine and NATO.

The Head of State noted: “Since 1997, this training has provided a substantial assistance in the revival of the military-naval potential of the state and the achievement of compatibility with the NATO fleet, which is a precondition for our membership in this alliance — when the country meets the criteria and the results of our reforms are implemented in every sphere”.

The President emphasized that the reforms necessary for NATO membership almost coincide with the reforms necessary for EU membership. According to him, Ukrainians support the idea of Transatlantic and European integration.

The President noted that Sea Breeze training were important not only for the Ukrainian AFU. “They are also important for the foreign participants, as they can learn our unique experience of countering the enemy in the hybrid warfare of Russia against the people of Ukraine,” the President said. He reminded that a lot of Ukrainian participants have a real combat experience gained in the repelling of Russian aggression. Today, Ukrainian officers, soldiers and sailors defend not only the native land, but also peace of the European nations and the current international security system, which Russia is trying to destroy, as stated by the President.

“We, Ukrainians, have faced the Kremlin’s threat to peace in Europe and the whole world. The threat from the country, which Ronald Reagan called evil empire,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The Head of State emphasized that Ukraine had achieved significant progress on the track of Euro-Atlantic integration over the past three years. The President reminded that the visa-free regime with the EU had been introduced and the Association Agreement with the EU had been ratified recently.

Petro Poroshenko called the formation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the restoration of the Ukrainian army and fleet an importance achievement. “We want to return the issue of an action plan for NATO membership to the agenda. Numerous public opinion polls demonstrate that the given vector is correct and has no alternatives,” the President concluded.

Press Service of the President of Ukraine