Maple Arch 2016: Exercise participants begin planning and decision-making process

2016-11-09 15:26:00 | ID: 25270

In the framework of the Maple Arch 2016 Ukrainian, Polish, and Lithuanian servicemen led by Canadian instructors begin planning and decision-making process.

Staff officers from Ukrainian Assault Airborne Battalion, Lithuanian Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Polish 5th Podhale Riflemen, Air Defence, Combat Logistical, Engineer and Headquarters Battalions have worked tirelessly on the analysis of the higher HQ mission.

“We understood the Multinational Brigade Commander’s intent, did research on our area of responsibility and began developing options for the Ukrainian Airborne Battalion operation. This is a challenging task and it requires efforts and experience in the field of NATO procedures. We employ these practices with the mentorship of the Canadian instructors. I am sure, that after participating in this Exercise my subordinate staff will be better prepared to execute overseas operations” explained Major Oleh Balias, Ukrainian Airborne Battalion Commander.

According to Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Deputy Commander, MAPLE ARCH 16 will allow the troops to develop their professionalism, sharpen their skills and develop a common vision on operational processes among the LITPOLUKRBRIG affiliated units. Joint training brings an opportunity for participating nations to learn about their partners’ best techniques in conducting Crisis Response. This knowledge transfer will contribute to building long-lasting relationships and build trust among participants.