Volunteer photographer Dmytro Muravskiy dismissed from the position of the Volunteer Adviser to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine

2016-08-28 12:50:00 | ID: 23304

In response to a public reaction to a series of photos taken by the volunteer photographerDmytro Muravskiy, the Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak decided to dismiss him from the position of Volunteer Adviser to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defence recognizes the work of Dmytro Muravskiy. Defense Agency has received a lot of his high quality and artistic design photos that were never considered by the Ministry as documentary or real war photos.

Dmytro Muravskiy has been working as a volunteer photographer in the area of ATO or military training grounds for many months. He has provided the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with a photo gallery on a gratuitous basis that was used to promote the service in the Armed Forces and not to display the real war fighting.

Dmytro Muravskiy offered the Minister of Defense of Ukraine to establish the Information and Coordination Centre for volunteer photographers, cameraman, artists, filmmakers and scriptwriters allowing them to create a high quality content for the Armed Forces. On June 16, 2016 Dmytro Muravskiy was appointed as the Volunteer Advisor to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine to facilitate this project.

All photos that attracted public attention were taken by the author before his official appointment to the position in the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and at his personal discretion. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has never considered those photos as real war photos and made no official statement in this regard, which is confirmed by the statement of the author. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has never been asked to provide any comments on this matter.

Ukraine has always adhered to the principle of uncompromising truth and transparency in its war against the Russian aggression, including Russian propaganda.