LITPOLUKRBRIG officers master NATO procedures

2016-02-23 15:00:00 | ID: 18023

Tuesday, February 23. LUBLIN, Poland – Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command officers continue training in accordance with the NATO standards. The Airborne officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in close cooperation with colleagues from Polish and Lithuania armed forces work out the mechanism of fulfilling tasks and commanding subordinate units.

“We study standard NATO procedures, which have already been tested in other countries. We check their application to ourselves, we’ll train our subordinates in Ukraine,” Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, LITPOLUKRBRIG Deputy Commander stated and underlined that there were no many differences between Ukrainian and NATO approaches.

For instance, according to Col. Volodymyr Yudanov, before making a decision for his subordinate unit a commander needs to learn the situation and describe realistic courses of action. In the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the NATO nations armies commanders follow the same path. LITPOLUKRBRIG Ukrainian officers determine differences of the NATO approach and identify useful among them to apply for national Armed Forces.

“In LITPOLUKRBRIG, we perform our duties and share an important experience for us. An immediate task for the Brigade Command personnel is to pass an individual training. Then, we need to train in sections. By the staff training we will finalize the Headquarters training. This year we will run a military exercise with involvement of LITPOLUKRBRIG command post and command posts of subordinate units. It will examine our capability to perform tasks in accordance with NATO standards as well as check our readiness for further trainings,” Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov said.