Brave Band: Realistic battle staff training for LITPOLUKRBRIG command starts today

2016-02-01 15:50:00 | ID: 17516

Monday, February 01. LUBLIN, Poland – Members of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command begin Brave Band to exercise the military decision making process and order production.

About 100 of LITPOLUKRBRIG Headquarters staff personnel, manned by Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian officers, will spend two weeks on training the ability to manage the subordinate units while performing crisis-response operations.

The Brave Band will be conducted in three phases. The participants will learn how to operate in the multinational environment, exchange information among sections and properly distribute orders to the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian battalions.

“Brave Band is our first training activity after the official Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade opening ceremony, and it aims at introducing the soldiers from three different countries to one working environment,” Col. Volodymyr Yudanov, Deputy Brigade Commander, stressed. “This is the first step on our one year-long path to the full operational capability as a brigade. Brave Band will increase our readiness and our ability to work together. Now we need to examine each of them. It will demonstrate that LITPOLUKRBRIG is capable of responding to threats.”