Defense Ministry budget for 2016 to amount for $2.22 billion

2016-01-12 10:20:00 | ID: 17078

According to Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesman Oleksii Chernobai, the Defense Ministry budget for 2016 makes up UAH 55.5 billion (about $2.22 billion), or 2.45 percent of GDP. Thus, compared to last year the budget has increased by UAH 7.6 billion (about $304 million), or 16 percent.

20 percent of the allocated funding (or UAH 11.4 billion) are earmarked for the upgrade of weapons and materiel, and 6 percent or UAH 3.2 billion — for the training of troops.

The administrative support expenditures will amount to UAH 6.5 billion, UAH 1 billion is envisaged for the payment of one-time allowances to servicemen and members of their families, UAH 700 million — for acquiring and construction of military housing.

An enlisted soldier serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the first contract will get a monthly allowance no less than UAH 7,000 (about $280), while a brigade commander will make more than UAH 14,500.