Ukrainian army delegation stresses necessity of deployment of UN International Peacekeeping Mission in east of Ukraine

2015-11-10 12:05:00 | ID: 15202

Tuesday, November 10. NEW YORK — Lt. Gen. Leonid Holopatyuk, Chief of Main Directorate of Military Cooperation & Peacekeeping Operations took part in the meetings of the Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) of the United Nations General Assembly held at the UN Headquarters.

The Ukrainian representative stressed the necessity of continuation of the process of reforms of the UN capabilities for more efficient response to international security crisis.

In his remarks Lt. Gen. Leonid Holopatyuk stressed the tremendous contribution of Ukraine to the maintenance of international peace and security and thanked for the UN leaders high appreciation of the activities of the Ukrainian air units in Liberia and Democratic Republic of the Congo which are considered as a key factor of peaceful resolution and regain of the stability and security in these countries.

Moreover, the Ukrainian representative particularly focused on the issue of ongoing external aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. He highlighted Ukraine as a contributor to international peacekeeping and security efforts could count on the UN assistance. Despite the ceasefire, the situation in the east of Ukraine is tense. The conflict escalation is possible at any moment.

Considering the abovementioned Lt. Gen. Leonid Holopatyuk stressed the necessity of deployment of the United Nations International Peacekeeping Mission in the east of Ukraine.