Yuriy Husyev: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine is under development of roadmap and implementation of NATO standards

2015-11-06 13:20:00 | ID: 15124

Friday, November 06. KYIV — Mr. Yuriy Husyev, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, and Mr. Andriy Zahorodnyuk, Director of Reforms Office, took part in a briefing held in the House of Government.

According to Mr. Husyev, the Ministry of Defence is the first and single ministry having implemented the e-procurement. This measure permitted to save over UAH 176,000.000.

The MoD implemented five STANAGs. New specifications are based on these new standards.

Following the order of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, there was formed the Centre of Logistics Development and Maintenance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A new food system compliant with the NATO standards has been implemented in some military units. It is planned to invite the NATO experts for systematization of this system.

Deputy Minister of Defence stressed the fact of cooperation of the Reforms Council of the MoD and world consulting companies.

“Next month, in coordination with the NATO trust fund, we’ll open a new logistics system in the Armed Forces of Ukraine dealing with uniform supplies,” Mr. Husyev announced.

According to him, next year the trust fund is expected to allocate funds for development of this project.