Terrorists complete 86 attacks against Ukrainian positions

2015-07-23 08:50:00 | ID: 11906

Thursday, July 23. DONBAS — According to the press centre of the ‘anti-terror’ operation (ATO) HQ, yesterday, bandits completed 86 attacks against the Ukrainian army positions and 2 attacks against communities.

At 09:14 p.m. the terrorists shelled Novhorodske with 122 mm artillery.

The illegal armed formations attacked the Ukrainian positions near Avdiyvka, Novhorodske, Pisky, Leninske, and Opytne with 122 mm howitzers and 120 mm mortars.

There was a fighting near Opytne ended in the enemy’s failure.

This morning the bandits have attacked the Ukrainian govt positions near Rozsadka and Lozove with 120 mm mortars.

Terrorists have completed over 10 attacks against the Ukrainian army with small arms and mortars near Mariynka this morning.