Mobilization: sixth wave of mobilization

2015-06-18 14:30:00 | ID: 10892

Thursday, June 18. KYIV — On June 12, President of Ukraine summed up the results of the 5th wave of mobilization and assigned tasks to heads of regional state administrations concerning the 6th wave of mobilization. The 5th wave of mobilization ensured the full rotation of servicemen drafted during the 2nd wave of mobilization.

In virtue of the Presidential Decree, the 6th wave of mobilization starts on June 19, 2015. The army needs specialists for high mobile airborne troops, recon units, mechanized and tank units, as well as specialists in repair and maintenance, drivers, military engineers, etc.

This wave of mobilization is aimed at ensuring the full rotation of servicemen conscripted during the third wave of mobilization.

All the servicemen will undergo drills at training centres and then they will leave for military units, undergo operational coordination and then they will join the units in the east of Ukraine.