Russian artillerists shelled Russian reconnaissance group to conceal their participation in combat operations in east of Ukraine

2015-05-18 19:40:00 | ID: 10032

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces hosted a briefing of Col. Gen. Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff, and Col. Viktor Nikolyuk, Commander of the 92nd Detached Mechanized Brigade.

“On May 16, about 03:00 p.m., there was a fighting between sabotage and reconnaissance group of militants and Ukrainian forces units near Shchastya (Luhansk oblast). During this fighting, servicemen of the 92nd Detached Mechanized Brigade captured two Russian Special Forces soldiers. Russian servicemen were wounded,” Col. Gen. Viktor Muzhenko stated.

According to him, these servicemen are Capt. Euvhen Yerofeyev, Leading Officer of the Special Forces Group, 3rd Brigade of the RF Armed Forces, and Sgt Olexander Aleksandrov.

Representatives of defence security intelligence interviewed them and defined they were servicemen of the 3rdDetached Guard Brigade of Special Forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the RF General Staff (military unit 21208, Tolyatti, Commander — Col. Shchepin S.A.).

RF servicemen had RF assault rifle and special sniper rifle which Russian Special Forces soldiers are armed with.

‘This is 9 mm special sniper rifle (also called Serdyukov Sniper Rifle, VSS, ‘Vintorez’). Ukrainian servicemen are not armed with such rifles. This is a Russian weapon used by Special Forces units. This rifle is nearly silent and has high penetration capability. 9 mm bullet easily penetrates 1-2nd class armour vest, bullet with tungsten carbide slug penetrates 8-10 mm of armour or 4th class armour vest from a distance of 100 m. The 3rd class armour vest may be destroyed from a distance of 400 m.

Qualified medical aid was rendered to the captured servicemen in Kramatorsk city hospital. According to Capt. Euvhen Yerofeyev and Sgt Olexander Aleksandrov, they arrived to militants-controlled territory within their brigade in March 2015 and accomplished sabotage and reconnaissance tasks against the Ukrainian units.

On May 16, they received a task to carry out the reconnaissance of Luhansk thermal power plant, define the state of its protection for its further capture by militants of so-called LDR. There are evidences proving the Russian citizenship of captured servicemen, their addresses, education, employment, relatives living in the Russian Federation.

The 92nd brigade lost one serviceman; three servicemen were wounded during this fighting.

When the militants understood that RF servicemen were captured they shelled servicemen with roving mortars. It was obvious they tried to kill them in order to prevent their capture.

Captured servicemen witnessed that servicemen of Russian regular army were present in Ukraine.

Press Service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine