Colonel General Stepan Poltorak: We’ll concentrate our job on equipping, training, command and supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

2014-11-21 18:42:00 | ID: 5705

Friday, November 21. KYIV — “My primary task is to realize reforms in a rapid manner in order to form robust, trained and well-equipped army capable to defend our state. Surely, it’s impossible to do during one-two days. We have a plan. I’m sure we’ll implement it,” Colonel General Stepan Poltorak, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, said during meeting with representatives of military diplomatic corps accredited in Ukraine.

“The logistics ensures the success of any combat tasks. There are a lot of problems related to budget and some other objective reasons. We know how to solve them,” Head of Ministry remarked.

He underlined Ukraine had a sufficient and great potential of defense industry complex which had not used previously.

“One of our priorities is to organize cooperation with defense industry to supply up-to-date materiel to the Armed Forces,” Colonel General Stepan Poltorak told.

“We’ll concentrate our job on equipping, training, command and supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We’ll do it when we thoroughly learn our mistakes made during the ATO, all the achievements of leading countries concerning formation of modern armed forces. Then, on the basis of gained experience, we’ll be capable to reform our Armed Forces,” Minister emphasized and added:

“Unfortunately, stabilization of the situation in the East of Ukraine does not depend just on us. The external factor and the presence of 7,500 representatives of Russian armed forces in Ukraine destabilize the situation and prevent us to stabilize it.”