Vice Admiral Ihor VORONCHENKO

2016-11-16 16:49:00 | ID: 25385

Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A native of Kharkiv Province, Ukraine, Vice Admiral Ihor Voronchenko graduated from the Army Armor College in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and was commissioned in 1985.

During the Soviet period, his assignments in  the operational forces included Tank Company Commander of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Tank Platoon Commander and Chief of Staff of a Tank Battalion in the Military District of Belarus.

Upon dissolution of  the USSR, he held various positions in the National Guard of Ukraine. In 1998, he was assigned as a commanding officer of a National Guard regiment, 7th National Guard Division, Crimea, to be transformed into 501th Mechanized Regiment of the Ukrainian Navy.

In 2010, he was assigned as Deputy Commander of Ukrainian Navy for Coastal Defense. In 2014, he was in charge of Antiterrorist Operation across Luhansk Province.

Between 2014 and 2016, he occupied position of Head of Personnel Directorate of the General Staff of Ukraine.

From April 2016 to July 2016, he was Acting Commander of the Ukrainian Navy.  

July 03, 2016 Ihor Voronchenko was appointed as Commander of the Ukrainian Navy and promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral.

Vice Admiral Voronchenko is married and has a son.