Form and Procedure of Public Appeals

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Handling of public appeals and information requests

Point of contact

Please, in your e-mail letter indicate your full name: last name, first name and patronymic, address and phone to solve your issues and provide the assistance, as soon as possible.

Section for Public Appeals Handling and Public Access to Information of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

address for public letters:



telephone: (044) 253 04 71 — registration for personal reception by Minister of Defense of Ukraine and his Deputies


telephone: (044) 253 47 73 — public appeals handling (of. No. 317)



[email protected]


telephone: (044) 253 11 56 — handling of public appeals received through the Regional Community Liaison Office of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine (of. No.349 (3)


telephone: (044) 280 50 59 — handling of information requests (of. No.316)



[email protected]