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How to submit media queries

A media query is submitted on the company’s letterhead and signed by the company’s editor-in-chief or his/her deputy.

Please, send your queries concerning the activities of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine to Chief of the Press and Communications Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine at

Please, call to know the status of your query +38067-223-16-43.

Please, send your queries concerning the activities of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Chief of the Press Service of the General Staff – Senyk Bogdan at, phone +38044-454-42-55.

Procedure of reception and use of press cards by mass media representatives for media coverage of Ukrainian Armed Forces Activities in the JFO area:

How to receive press cards for media coverage of Joint Forces activities

Step 1: Accreditation at the Joint Forces Press Centre

A media representative shall email to the press centre of the Joint Forces a letter on media letterhead and ask for accreditation. The letter should include full name(s), title(s), contacts, as well as period of travel of a media representative(s). It should be signed by the media director and sealed. Please, attach passport scans of a person(s) to be accredited and his/her journalist’s ID(s) and photo.

Joint Forces Press Centre phone +38 098 671 30 40

Step 2: You can pick up your press card at

Joint Forces Press Centre (Kramatorsk, 16b Oleksa Tykhogo St.)

Phone +38 098 671 30 40.

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (Kyiv, Povitroflotskyi ave. 6)

+38 067 22 316 43. е-mail:

If a media representative has been accredited with the Joint Forces Press Centre and the card expires (6 months), he or she should request the Joint Forces Press Centre for a new accreditation.

This request should include the number of a valid press card and possible changes of personal information (media, citizenship, name, etc.). Then, please, follow the abovementioned procedure.

In order to raise media awareness about military issues, equip them with knowledge and skills how to act in case of emergency, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine organizes and conducts special training for media representatives (only for Ukrainian media representatives).

ATO Press Cards will be valid until the end of expiry date but no later than August 1, 2018!!!