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International security assistance Force in Afghanistan 
(ISAF) (from May 2007)


  • The Decree of the Ukrainian President # 47/2007 dated 26 Jan 2007;
  • The Resolution of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers # 401/2006 dated 30 Mar 2006;

  • The Resolution of Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers # 399/2007 dated 7 Mar 2007.

2 Ukrainian military medical officers are working in Lithuanian Group of Afghanistan province Ghor reconstruction, which is carries out its duties in framework of International Security Assistance Forces in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Location: Chakcharan city, Ghor province, Afghanistan.

Main tasks:

  • Medical assistance of ISAF and local population representatives;
  • Assistance of the doctors in the local hospitals;
  • Organization and medical support (first aid) in critical situations (mass illness, etc.);
  • Carrying out other professional tasks.

1 Ukrainian military officer is working in HQ, Kabul and carries out the duties of CIMIC.


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