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Order For merits

It was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine # 870/96 dated September 22, 1996 to decorate citizens for their distinguished achievements in the economic, scientific, social and cultural, military, state and other spheres of activities for the sake of Ukraine.



Order For merits  grade Order For merits I grade
The order sign is made of silver. The wreath, trident and rays are gilded.The reverse side is shallow with the sign number engraved on it.

The order star is made of gilded silver. The cross is gilded.The wreath, trident and rays are gilded.The reverse side is shallow with the sign number engraved on it.

Of the order For merits

1. Order For merits has three grades. The highest grade is the first grade

2. Order For merits can be awarded to foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship:

  • Order For merits 1st grade heads of sovereign countries, heads of governments and parliaments, ministers of sovereign countries;
  • Order For merits 2nd grade deputies heads of governments and  Parliaments, ministers and heads of other central executive power bodies, ambassadors of foreign countries to Ukraine;
  • Order For merits 3rd grade foreign countries embassies to Ukraine workers, popular statesmen and politicians, artists, scientists, businessmen and others.

3. The person awarded Order For merits of any grade is named a knight of the Order For merits.

 4. As a rule the nomination for the next grade of the Order is possible at least in three years after the last nomination.

5. The Order can be awarded posthumously.

6. The Order For merits 1st grade has the order sign and the order star while and grade have order sign only.


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