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Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Rear-Admiral IGOR TENYUH


Was born in 1958 in town Striy, Lviv region.

1982 graduated from M.V.Frunze higher naval academy in Leningrad. Began his career on position of torpedo officer.

1983 - 1991 commander of raid mine-sweeper, senior assistant of sea mine-sweepers commander, commander of sea mine-sweeper, chief of department of storage of armament and equipment on mine and anti-submarine armament base.

1991 as a member of Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in sphere of defence and state security, participated in development of a bill concerning creation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1991-1995 senior officer of maintenance of combat actions department of the Naval agency of Ministry of Defence of Ukrain, chief of department of command (management) directions of the Navy of the Main staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine, chief of department of directions of Main operational agency of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukrain

1994 - graduated from Institute of foreign languages of the USA Department of Defence, and in 1997 faculty of preparation of officers of operational-strategic level of National Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1997 - 2005 occupied positions of commander of surface ships brigade and commander of combined arms squadron of the Navy of Ukraine.

2002 occupied position of commander of Joined blacksea group of naval cooperation Blackseafor.

Beginning from November 2005 occupied position of deputy chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

With its decree # 252/2006 dated from March 23, 2006 the President of Ukraine assigned rear admiral Igor Tenyuh on position of Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For persistent and excellent service Admiral Igor Tenyuh was rewarded with orders, medals and departmental rewards.

Married. Has two daughters.


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