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ATO NEWS: Rebels continue attacks against Ukrainian military positions 26 january 2015, 09:25

Monday, January 26. DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, this overnight the enemy has continued attacks against the Ukrainian troops.

ATO NEWS: Ukrainian servicemen destroyed rebels’ battalion 23 january 2015, 17:57

Friday, January 23, DONBAS — Ukrainian servicemen destroyed over 50 terrorists, 5 terrorists were captured, 2 BMPs and artillery armament of the enemy were taken, 4 tanks, vehicles and munitions of terrorists were destroyed.

Newest armament and military equipment of Ukrainian industry demonstrated at Chernihiv range 23 january 2015, 17:53

Friday, January 23.

Defenders of Donetsk Airport are cured in Dnipropetrovsk military hospital 23 january 2015, 16:28

Friday, January 23. DNIPROPETROVSK — Wounded servicemen are cured in Dnipropetrovsk military hospital. According to Deputy Chief of Hospital Maj.

Citizens of Ukraine help Ukrainian defenders 23 january 2015, 15:19

Friday, January 23, UKRAINE — In Dnipropetrovsk the Fund of Country Defense passed to servicemen of the 93rd Detached Mechanized Brigade materiel, equipment, uniform, and food. The fund bought the armored MAN with trailer, armored vests, thermal.

Memory Stone to Heroes of Ukraine laid in Lugansk Oblast 23 january 2015, 14:50

Friday, January 23.

Meeting of the Inter-Departmental Working Group on comprehensive review of security and defense sector of Ukraine in Kyiv 23 january 2015, 13:07

Friday, January 23.

ATO NEWS: Terrorists completed 115 attacks against ATO troops 23 january 2015, 11:49

Friday, January 23. DONBAS — In the past 24 hours, the situation in the ATO region was very tense. Fierce fighting continued in three operations directions.

COMBAT LIFE SAVER course kicks off in Kyiv 23 january 2015, 11:01

Friday, January 23. KYIV — Ivan Chernyakhivsky National Defense University hosts the COMBAT LIFE SAVERcourse.

Meeting of NATO Military Committee at the level of Chiefs of General Staff 23 january 2015, 10:59

Friday, January 23, BRUSSELS — On January 21-22, 2015, NATO HQ hosted the meetings at the level of chiefs of general staff of the NATO and partners.