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ATO NEWS: Terrorists completed 7 attacks against ATO positions 15 december 2014, 08:00

Monday, December 15, DONBAS — According to press center of the anti-terror operation, in the past 24 hours bandits completed 7 mortar and small arms attacks against ATO positions. Terrorists fired three times at Donetsk airport.

Petro Mekhed: Russia violated norms of Memorandum on Security Assurances 12 december 2014, 17:13

Friday, December 12, KYIV — Petro Mekhed, Deputy Minister of Defense — Head of Administration, held talks with Ivan Šimonović, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights. Ivan Šimonović arrived to view personally the situation in Ukraine and.

ATO NEWS: Terrorists use PTUR, mortars, artillery attacks 12 december 2014, 16:11

Friday, December 12. DONBAS — According to press center of anti-terror operation, as of 1.00 p.m., there were fixed 5 attacks from terrorists.

Colonel General Stepan Poltorak: State Acquisition of all national security, defense and law enforcement agencies needs standardization 12 december 2014, 15:15

Friday, December 12. KYIV — Minister of Defense stated it at Verkhovna Rada: “We need to standardize practically all the acquisitions for armed forces.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Colonel General Stepan Poltorak congratulates personnel of Land Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine on occasion of their professional day 12 december 2014, 11:20

Friday, December 12, Dear servicemen, employees and veterans of Land Forces! I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday — the Day of the Land Forces of The Armed Forces of Ukraine! During this challenging period of our state the.

ATO NEWS: Terrorists have attacked ATO positions for 6 times 12 december 2014, 07:35

Friday, December 12, DONBAS — The press center of anti-terror operation informs: the terrorists have completed 6 small arms attacks against ATO positions in the past 24 hours. According to the ATO press center, the silence was kept during a day.

Care Under Fire 11 december 2014, 17:38

Thursday, December 11. ODESA — Odesa Military Academy cadets take practical course of pre-doctor medical care during combat operations.

Air defense servicemen work out practical tasks 11 december 2014, 14:12

Thursday, December 11. UKRAINE — Aid defense units of Ukrainian Land Forces undergo operational coordination at military range.

ATO NEWS: In the past 24 hours terrorists have violated silence regime for 22 times 11 december 2014, 07:51

Thursday, December 11. DONBAS — According to press center of the anti-terror operation, in the past 24 hours terrorists have violated silence regime for 22 times. They completed mortar, small arms, tank, and air-defense systems attacks.

Military law enforcement representatives hold talks with Canadian peers 10 december 2014, 16:06

Wednesday, December 10, KYIV – A group of Canadian experts led by Lt. Col. Martin Laflamme, Commander Land Forces Military Police, Armed Forces of Canada, arrived to Ukraine.

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