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Over 500 Ukrainian servicemen to join Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian Brigade 04 february 2015, 16:52

Wednesday, February 4. KYIV — The appropriate inter-governmental agreement was ratified by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Mobilized retired officers develop their leading skills 04 february 2015, 16:02

Wednesday, February 4.

Colonel General Stepan Poltorak: Mobilization results depend on military commissar job 04 february 2015, 15:17

Wednesday, February 4. KHARKIV OBLAST — Col. Gen.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is firm in its stance: status of combat actions participant should be given to those who deserve it 04 february 2015, 15:11

Wednesday, February 4, KYIV — Since the beginning of the anti-terror operation in east of Ukraine over 6,900 servicemen and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been granted the status of participants of combat operations. The procedure.

Artillery of North Operations Command blocks enemy movement 04 february 2015, 12:25

Wednesday, February 4, DONBAS — The Press Center of the North Operations Command informs artillery units of the sector have completed 25 fire tasks.

Ukrainian peacekeepers return from Congo 04 february 2015, 11:04

Wednesday, February 4, UKRAINE — On February 3, 224 Ukrainian peacekeepers of the fourth rotation of 18th DHU returned from MONUSCO. They accomplished all the tasks assigned by UN leaders in the region.

Wounded soldiers are duly cured in Dnipropetrovsk military hospital 04 february 2015, 10:42

Wednesday, February 4, DNIPROPETROVSK — In Dnipropetrovsk military hospital the wounded military receive the whole range of necessary surgical care, various medical, physiotherapeutic, and recovering and rehabilitation treatment. According.

ATO NEWS: ATO troops destroy rebels’ TOS-1 ‘Buratino’ heavy flamethrower system 04 february 2015, 10:01

Wednesday, February 4, DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, over night the pro-Russia illegal armed formations have attacked the Ukrainian positions for 25 times. The majority of attacks were in Lugansk direction.

President awarded ATO warriors: We are proud of your feat 03 february 2015, 19:02

Tuesday, February 3,  KHARKIV — In the course of the working visit to Kharkiv region, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has visited the military medical clinical center of the north region to meet the ATO soldiers who are undergoing treatment.

Mobilization, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: First phase of fourth wave of mobilization is marked by a lot of volunteers 03 february 2015, 16:57

Tuesday, February 3. DNIPROPETROVSK OBLAST — The active phase of the first phase of fourth wave of mobilization is finished in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. According to Deputy Regional Military Commissar Lt. Col.