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Mobilization, Kyiv: Group of mobilized servicemen left for training centers 29 january 2015, 17:53

Thursday, January 29. KYIV — Desnyansky District Military Commissariat hosted the official ceremony of sending mobilized servicemen to training centers. According to Col.

Chief of General Staff holds meeting with military attaches 29 january 2015, 17:36

Thursday, January 29.

Ukrainian Navy hold exercise 29 january 2015, 17:13

Thursday, January 20. KYIV – The Ukrainian Navy held exercise along with subordinated troops.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Government to subdue Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization to Defense Ministry 29 january 2015, 16:39

Thursday, January 29. KYIV – The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will take a decision to separate the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization from the State Telecommunications University.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with cadets of Military Institute of Telecommunication and Informatization 29 january 2015, 16:12

Thursday, January 29.

Mobilization, Zaporizhjya: Since start of fourth wave of mobilization over 300 men sent to army training centers 29 january 2015, 15:43

Thursday, January 29. ZAPORIZHJYA — Since start of the fourth wave of mobilization three groups have been sent to the army training centers: two groups — to Zhytomyr Oblast, one group — to Kyiv Oblast.

Medical instructors to train ATO soldiers care under fire 29 january 2015, 14:52

Thursday, January 29.

Ukrainian people support their army 29 january 2015, 13:31

Thursday, January 29.

President: Ukrainians demonstrate a high level of patriotism in the course of mobilization 29 january 2015, 12:53

Thursday, January 29. KYIV — President Poroshenko says that Ukrainians demonstrate a high level of patriotism in the course of mobilization.

President: Kruty Heroes teach us victimhood and patriotism 29 january 2015, 12:35

Thursday, January 29., KYIV — President Petro Poroshenko has taken part in commemoration of the Kruty Heroes, young men who entered an unequal battle against the Bolsheviks near Kruty station, Chernihiv region, and died heroically for the Ukrainian.