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Chief of General Staff: “It’s necessary to accomplish the fourth wave of mobilization for good rotation of servicemen in the ATO region” 16 december 2014, 16:22

Tuesday, December 16, KYIV – “The fourth wave of mobilization is necessary for Ukraine. The qualitative rotation in the anti-terror operation is very important.

Chief of General Staff: “Donetsk Airport is Ukrainian Stalingrad” 16 december 2014, 16:09

Tuesday, December 16.

Engineer unit left for Kosovo 16 december 2014, 14:32

Tuesday, December 16, ZHYTOMYR – Forty persons of engineer unit left for Kosovo.

ATO NEWS: Ukrainian cyborgs defend Donetsk airport 16 december 2014, 13:40

Tuesday, December 16, DONBAS – According to the ATO press-center, the terrorists have attacked Ukrainian servicemen for 8 times. Donetsk airport is still in the center of operations. There have been fixed 4 attacks here.

Paratroopers refresh their combat skills 16 december 2014, 11:40

Tuesday, December 16. ZHYTOMYR OBLAST — Paratroopers refresh their combat skills at training range. They enhance their practical shooting skills, too.

Cadet of Petro Hetman Sahaydachnyi Land Forces Academy awarded with order For Courage, 3rd Degree 16 december 2014, 10:39

Tuesday, December 16, LVIV — Lieutenant Colonel Pavlo Tkachuk, Chief of Petro Hetman Sahaydachnyi Land Forces Academy, awarded Yuriy Gorbatyuk, first-year cadet, with state order. On March-July he accomplished tasks within the 95th Detached.

Latvians help Ukrainian servicemen 16 december 2014, 10:08

Tuesday, December 16, MYKOLAYV — On the Eve of the New Year holidays, the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia and the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine made presents to children of the Ukrainian servicemen who had moved with families.

ATO NEWS: Militants violated silence regime for 9 times 16 december 2014, 09:15

Tuesday, December 16, DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, terrorist groups continue to attack the ATO positions. Over the past 24 hours the militants have violated the silence regime for 9 times.

Colonel General Stepan Poltorak holds talks with U.S. Congress representatives 15 december 2014, 18:30

Monday, December 15. KYIV — Colonel General Stepan Poltorak, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, held talks with the delegation of the Committee on Armed Forces of the United States House of Representatives led by Mr.

ATO NEWS: Terrorists continue attacks 15 december 2014, 18:12

Monday, December 15, DONBAS — According to the ATO press center, the situation has not changed during the day. Terrorist groups violated silence regime for 6 times.

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