US Embassy delegation visited National Defense University of Ukraine

2019-09-11 16:45:00 | ID: 52348

Leadership of  Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University held a meeting with representatives of the Office of Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Delegation was headed by Colonel Daniel Miller and advisers to the Advisory Group on Education at the US Embassy in Ukraine Major Pantoha and Major Page.

During the meeting, the Deputy Chief of the University for Educational Affairs, Major-General Serhii Salkutsan informed the delegation about the structure, tasks and perspectivea of the educational activities development within the University.

Foreign guests were also acquainted with the university's structural units, which actively cooperate with international organizations of NATO member and partners states.

The status and perspectives of the military education system transformation within the University, application of NATO standards for the career development of Ukrainian officers, the use of progressive teaching techniques that will enhavce and make successful the introduction of new educational programs were also discussed during the meeting.

Promising areas and opportunities for advisory assistance and direct involvement of the US Advisor in the university's educational and research activities were agreed with new US Strategic Communications Advisor Major John Berhalf.

PA Office of the National Defense University