Ukrainian Marines will participate in the second part of the multinational exercises Platinum Eagle-2019 in Romania

2019-09-09 13:45:00 | ID: 52277

A platoon of Ukrainian Marines has arrived to Romania to participate in the second part of the multinational exercises Platinum Eagle-2019 which are being held as part of the training activities of the “Black Sea Rotation Forces”.

The training will take place at the Badabag military range and will last for 10 days starting from September 10.

Six countries, namely Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, the United States and Ukraine will be represented in the exercises. The total number of 300 servicemen are to participate.

Daily small arms firing as well as different elements of maneuvers and counterattacks within the multinational battalion tactical group will be mastered during the exercises.

The first phase of international maneuvers took place in late February — early March this year in Romania.

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