Naval Institute cadets returned to Ukraine after traineeship on Romanian Navy training ship "Mircea"

2019-08-13 16:20:00 | ID: 51727
 The cadets of the Ukrainian Naval Institute Roman Buyar and Mykhailo Brichkar returned to Ukraine after more than three months of traineeship on the Romanian Navy training ship „Mircea”. During this time, would-be officers gained incredible experience, traveled over 8.5 thousand nautical miles, twice crossed Gibraltar, visited ports of Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Germany.

Besides Romanian and Ukrainian cadets, there were representatives from many other countries on the board of"Mircea". Cadets from Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Poland, France, Portugal and China worked together as one crew. For 96 days of the campaign, would-be officers were able to learn about the traditions of the Romanian fleet, to see the world. During the course of 8.6 thousand nautical miles along the coast of Europe crew of the ship has crossed the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, Gibraltar, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and other destinations
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