“Combined Resolve-XII”: Safety First (Video)

2019-08-13 21:45:00 | ID: 51729

Preparation for the active phase of the multinational exercise “Combined Resolve-XII” is coming to the end.
US and Ukrainian instructors (OCT) have held safety measures training with servicemen and women of the company task force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukrainian servicepersonnel have been acquainted with the OPFOR identification badges, the enemy’s assets and exercise rules. In particular, during the active phase, it is allowed to capture enemy’s assets and personnel.
It is strictly forbidden to undermine the health of the participants and to harm the environment.
OCT will be presents with Ukrainian forces on the constant basis and if something goes wrong, OCTs have the authority to terminate the exercises.
Also during the training MAELS system was installed, the individual laser systems were tested and personal weapons were brought to normal combat.
Company Commander Captain Alexander Borsch received a preliminary combat order. Ukrainian servicemen are ready to be deployed to the operation area.
Combined Resolve-XII exercise is taking place at the Joint Armed Forces Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) of the US Armed Forces in Hohenfels, Germany. About 5,000 servicemen from 21 countries take part in the maneuvers. Combined Resolve training is being conducted to maintain the interoperability of NATO member and partner states forces during the joint ground operations.
For the second time, the Ukrainian units are participating as the BLUFOR. At the same time, the Special Operations Forces Unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and staff officers are involved in the exercise.