Multinational exercises “Combined Resolve — XII”: assets are ready for maneuvers

2019-08-11 16:50:00 | ID: 51667
Preparation for the active phase of the multinational exercises “Combined Resolve — XII” is ongoing.
Participants from 21 countries have arrived at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) in Hohenfels, Germany.
Company task force under the command of Captain Alexander Borsch from the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is preparing equipment and weapons for maneuvers. Combat vehicles are refueled, equipment and weapons are equipped with MILES laser system.
For the next couple of days, Ukrainian servicemen will participate in practical training on security measures and tactical medicine. Ukrainian and American instructors will also held a training on the use of the MILES system, which simulates firing at the same time as blanket shots and fixes the target.

Along with the preparation of assets, staffs began work on creation of detailed plans for maneuvers. The Ukrainian Company is included in the US Army Mechanized Battalion as part of the BLUFOR.

Multinational Combined Resolve — XII (Joint XII) exercises will involve about 5,000 troops from 21 countries. Combined Resolve training is being conducted to maintain the interoperability of forces of NATO member and partners states during joint ground operations.

PA Office of the Armed Forces of Ukraine