«Combined Resolve-XII»: three in one

2019-08-12 18:56:00 | ID: 51695

The Combined Resolve-XII multinational exercise teams are still actively involved in planning of further actions and development of combat documents.
At the same time, Observer coach trainer (OCT) staff are actively preparing for the active phase of the training. Ukrainian side within the OCT staff is represented by a group of certified observers-instructors of the Interservice Center for Peacekeeping and Security of the National Land Forces Academy.

— During the four-day OCT course, there is once again the opportunity to familiarize with the rules of engagement during the exercises, with the common principles of observers’ activity and the procedure of using simulation tools, etc. The main focus of the lecturers is on safety measures, which we will monitor during maneuvers. Before entering the field, we will conduct security training sessions with our servicemen, — stressed senior Ukrainian OCT member lieutenant colonel Sergiy Nosenkov.

The Ukrainian OCT representatives will accompany Ukrainian company task force during their exercises from the moment of their departure from the park and back to the base upon completion of the maneuvers. The OCT will monitor the activities of the units, record the exercises, assist in organizing the training. Also, it will teach safety measures and the use of imitation means for Ukrainian servicemen.

— According to the data received from the OCT, each unit will receive an assessment of the results of the exercises, — said Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Nosenkov.

Public Relations Office of the Armed Forces of Ukraine