President: Decree “On the Imposition of Martial Law” does not restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens

2018-11-26 18:18:00 | ID: 45356

President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that the Decree “On the Imposition of Martial Law” does not include any items restricting the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

“I emphasize that I do not envisage any measures in the Decree related to the restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens, introduction of censorship, etc,” he said.

“I hope that both politicians and mass media will act responsibly and adequately in the current situation and will not attack Ukraine with the theses borrowed from Russian propagandists,” the President added.

The Head of State emphasized that of all the options provided by the Law “On the Legal Status of Martial Law”, the Decree “On the Imposition of Martial Law” included only those that deal mainly with various military activities. “We must strengthen the security right now. Measures that in case of the invasion will allow us to react as quickly as possible, mobilize all resources as soon as possible,” Petro Poroshenko explained.

“Especially since the boys and girls from the first wave of the reserve, which already have military experience, are ready to pack rucksacks right now and resources will be mobilized — both human, arms and financial,” he added.

The President assured that the declaration of full or partial mobilization is not planned so far. “Nor do I plan to resort to full or partial mobilization so far — this opportunity remains open only if Russia resorts to further escalation,” the Head of State concluded.

Administration of the President of Ukraine