Airborne troops and marines test their skills at Shyrokyi Lan

02 june 2015, 14:33 | ID: 10485 | Views: 1088

Tuesday, June 2. MYKOLAIV OBLAST — The Ukrainian Airborne Troops along with the Ukrainian Marines undergo drills at the Shyrokyi Lan range. The site resembles the conditions the troops once faced in the east of Ukraine. The units are compiled of active and mobilized troops. Col. Mykhailo Zabrodsky, Commander of Airborne Troops, particularly praised the artillery actions which lighted the site, installed oriented lights etc.

The aim of these drills is to achieve troops integrated planning and deployment during night raiding operations, especially, in cooperation with units of other armed forces arms. In the course of training, the forces started integrating and learning how to work together. The realism of these drills will help the troops to adapt the way everything works during their deployment.

The endless training scenarios added realism to each operation. Soldiers crossed the river, performed parachute jumps, and executed various tasks.

The main forces destroyed the imaginary enemy, a special unit forwarded to the appropriate line to shell the illegal armed formations and stop its movement.

During landing, all the systems operated as required. Then, paratroopers took a bridge under their control and destroyed the enemy’s mobile groups. The personnel jumped from An-26 and Il-76 aircrafts from an altitude of 500-600 meters. Troops worked out airlift delivery of BMD, artillery weapons from Il-76 aircrafts by means of PBS-95 Shelf parachute systems. With this type of training soldiers know what to do immediately and once they actually face the challenge they will know what to do.

Much attention was paid to psychological training of soldiers, particularly, to development of psychological resistance and readiness to face psycho-traumatic factors of current combat operations, etc.

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