Wounded soldiers are duly cured in Dnipropetrovsk military hospital

2015-02-04 10:42:00 | ID: 7375

Wednesday, February 4, DNIPROPETROVSK — In Dnipropetrovsk military hospital the wounded military receive the whole range of necessary surgical care, various medical, physiotherapeutic, and recovering and rehabilitation treatment.

According to leading surgeon of military hospital Lt. Col. Euvgen Herasymenko, military surgeons and other doctors stay practically 24 hours at work and medical personnel take care about all the patients.

Chief of surgical department of military hospital thanked volunteers and concerned citizens for valuable moral support and comprehensive charitable support of wounded.

It is worth mentioning since beginning the anti-terror operation, Dnipropetrovsk military hospital is the key center of emergency medical care of wounded who had been evacuated from combat operations area. If necessary, they are transported to other military hospitals and medical establishments of Ukraine after provision of the specialized medical care.