Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is firm in its stance: status of combat actions participant should be given to those who deserve it

2015-02-04 15:11:00 | ID: 7384

Wednesday, February 4, KYIV — Since the beginning of the anti-terror operation in east of Ukraine over 6,900 servicemen and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been granted the status of participants of combat operations.

The procedure is not simple and takes some time for thorough check of all the data and documents provided by a physical entity which certify his/her direct participation in the ATO. It is very important that the commission considering the documents related to defining the status of participant of combat operations within the MoD of Ukraine has nobody refused yet. Meanwhile, some documents may be sent for reconsideration to clarify some facts.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is firm in its stance: status of combat actions participant should be given to those who deserve it.