Mobilization, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: First phase of fourth wave of mobilization is marked by a lot of volunteers

2015-02-03 16:57:00 | ID: 7367

Tuesday, February 3. DNIPROPETROVSK OBLAST — The active phase of the first phase of fourth wave of mobilization is finished in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. According to Deputy Regional Military Commissar Lt. Col. Serhiy Polytsygan, over 840 mobilized servicemen have been already sent to training centers, higher military educational establishments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

“All the mobilized servicemen will be trained at training centers of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.”

Totally, over 2,200 men have been examined by medical specialists.

“Over 1,700 persons are fit for military service”, Lt. Col. Serhiy Polytsygan stressed.

First phase of fourth wave of mobilization is marked by a lot of volunteers.