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Jazz band of the US Air Forces in Europe performs in Odesa 2 hours ago

“The Ambassadors”, a jazz band of the US Air Forces in Europe performed in Odesa. The concert is a part of year-long celebration of 25 years of U.S.-Ukraine diplomatic relations. Next concert will be in Kyiv, April 1.

ATO news: Operational information of ATO HQ press centre 3 hours ago

According to the ATO HQ press centre, two servicemen were hit by a directed charge IED. According to preliminary information, two servicemen were killed while accomplishing tasks assigned near Novoluhanske, Donetsk oblast. The reasons are being.

President heard the report on the situation regarding the liquidation of consequences of fire at military depots in Balaklia 5 hours ago

In the course of the visit to the mobile control point of the Chief of the National Guard of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko verified the functioning of the operational communications with the territorial command of the National Guard and the.

Briefing of Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO related issues (video) 6 hours ago


Balaklia, Lt. Gen. Ihor Pavlovskyi: Engineers clear the territory of the depot 9 hours ago

The situation in Balaklia is under control. Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Lt. Gen. Ihor Pavlovskyi stated it during a morning briefing. “Engineers are clearing the depot territory. Miltiary fulfill current tasks on disaster recovery,” Gen.

Henichesk harbor minesweeper participates in PASSEX (video) 9 hours ago

Henichesk harbor minesweeper of the Ukrainian Navy along with SNMCMG2 vessels participated in PASSEX. The aim of this exercise is to work out cooperation within a multinational tactical group according to the NATO standards, increase the level.

ATO News: Situation Update, east of Ukraine as of morning, March 27, 2017 Today at 06:00

Monday, March 27.

Balakliya depot accident recovery (in pictures) 24 march 2017, 13:50

Military engineers have arrived to Balakliya.

Briefing of Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine spokesperson on ATO related issues (video) 24 march 2017, 13:24


Enemy five times used UAV over last 24 hours 24 march 2017, 11:04

According to the ATO HQ press centre, the enemy keeps on using heavy weaponry and UAVs in the region. At night, the enemy used 152 mm artillery, 82 mm mortars, rocket anti-tank launchers, heavy machineguns and small arms against the ATO positions.

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